Live electronic and acoustic drummers


“wicked beats - dangerous drums...”

Annie Nightingale BBC Radio 1

Combining the raw energy of an acoustic drumming group with cutting edge electro beats, Bloco Electro’s live performances are nothing short of astounding. Hyped by the queen of beats herself Miss Annie Nightingale, the band first came to prominence with their live Radio 1 performance at he legendary Glastonbury Festival opening party. They also featured in the drumming supergroup the SOS All-Stars who opened proceedings at the massive Live Earth concerts to a worldwide audience of 55 million. Drawing influences from Brazil to Africa, Bloco Electro take the sound of modern dance music on a tour of world music to produce an excitingly rich and powerful percussive experience. Bloco Electro are currently in the studio working on the new album Global Beatbox Part 2.


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