Bloco Electro

Electro influenced percussion project. Beatbox performances / Live band / DJ sets

BLOCO ELECTRO – Beatbox Excursions project

BEATBOX EXCURSIONS – a new composition each week in 2021. A weekly, one-take ‘Beatbox Jam’ performance posted on Youtube which is then edited and remixed into a new Beatbox Excursion. Volume 1 (Jan & Feb 2021) is out now. Volume 2 (March/April/May 2021) is released at the end of June.


Tokers Green

Musical collaborations – timeless songs and quirky cinematic instrumentals

Gavin Lombos produces and releasees original music through his projects – BLOCO ELECTRO and TOKERS GREEN.

He is creative director of the music charity READIPOP and musical director of the community drumming group BEATROOTS BATERIA.